~From the West~

Greetings from the West, Brethren.

Congratulations one and all for the excellent Second Degree.
It was beautifully done and one that the candidate will long remember.

As our Masonic Year comes to a close, we can be proud of our accomplishments.
However, there are many more goals the Master wants to accomplish.
Our next objective is to attend our last Lodge of Instruction on the 22nd of June.
Due to the warm weather in June it will be held at Tritown.
Worshipful Brother George Hebert has an excellent speaker scheduled:
one the ladies will be very happy to welcome.
The Grand Lodge Chairman of Education and Chairman of Lodge of Instruction will attend.
Letís show them how the 17th District can fill the Lodge
and be an example for all LOIs to copy.

See ya there!


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