My Brothers, the roll of the workmen has been called,
and these Master Masons who have not answered to their name.

They have laid down their working tools of the Craft
and with them they have left that mortal part for which they no longer have use.
Their labors here below have taught them to divest their hearts
and conscience of the vices and superfluities of life,
thereby fitting their minds as living stones for that spiritual building,
that house not made with hands,
eternal in the heavens.

Strengthened in their labors here by faith in God,
and confident of expectation of immortality,
they have sought admission to the Celestial Lodge above.

Remembering the Brothers of Saint George Lodge A.F.& A.M.

2020 - 2021

Worshipful George Ernest Noon -- Departed: January 15, 2020 -- 43 Years of Service

Brother Eugene Wallace Carlson -- Departed: April 10, 2020 -- 63 Years of Service

Right Worshipful Theodore Henry Wiede -- Departed: June 15, 2020 -- 67 Years of Service

Brother Richard Handley McMahon -- Departed: August 13, 2020 -- 35 Years of Service

Brother Paul William Wedge -- Departed: December 7, 2020 -- 41 Years of Service

Brother John Francis Good, Jr. -- Departed: December 19, 2020 -- 40 Years of Service

Worshipful Douglas Alan Young -- Departed: February 28, 2021 -- 46 Years of Service

Brother John Edward Bates -- Departed: May 04, 2021 -- 68 Years of Service

Brother Nondas Gioulis -- Departed: June 28, 2021 -- 53 Years of Service

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