~From the East~

Greetings from the East to St. George Lodge.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Saint Patrick's Day dinner event so enjoyable.
Thank you Wor. George Hebert for finding such enjoyable musical entertainment.
Thank you Wor. Gary King and Wor. Bob Farrell for providing us such a tasty meal.

April is now upon us and with it warmer weather
and an opportunity to get outside more often.
And while we do not have much going on as a Lodge,
there is still opportunity to get out and get involved.
This month there will be two opportunities to help Gary in the kitchen at Mainspring.
We will have our usual Thursday on the 20th and there will be a fifth Saturday on the 29th.

On the 30th, it will be St. George Lodge's time at VA again. Coffee and donuts at 10.

At an officers meeting after our March meeting,
it was decided that rehearsals will be on Wednesdays at 6 PM.
This month we will be working on the 2nd degree.
With rehearsals on Wednesday nights at 6 PM,
regular attendance of officers is expected and appreciated.

I have reserved Saturday, May 20, as our next Lodge Night Out.
For this evening, we will be going to Chinatown Restaurant in Stoughton.
Dinner will be at 5:30. Please mark your calendars.

In closing, the Secretary has brought to my attention that there are still a number of Brothers who have not paid one or two years of their dues. As part of your obligation and commitment to signing the bylaws of St. George Lodge,
you had promised to make timely payments of your dues.
Please do not expect the Lodge to offer perks and benefits if this simple commitment is not met. If you are having financial difficulties, the Secretary will be more than happy to work out a manageable arrangement with you.
But this cannot be achieved if there is no communication.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Wor. Kevin D. Miller
Worshipful Master


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