Every Sunday from 10:-00 NOON,
escort service at the Brockton VA Hospital.
Coffee and donuts provided by sponsoring Lodge.
Can always use extra help!! Please join us as you are able.

17th Masonic District - August 2017
August 4& 5 Wampatuck Annual Flea Market
August 19th Wampatuck, Blood Drive at Abington K of C Hall
August 26th St George Luau

17th Masonic District - Sept 2017
September 1st Wampatuck Regular Meeting
September 4th Fellowship Regular Meeting
September 5th Paul Revere Regular Meeting
September 6th Saint George Regular Meeting
September 11th Setting Maul Study Circle
September 13th Grand Lodge Quarterly - at Boston
September 13th Baalis Sanford Regular Meeting & Installation
September 16th Puritan Lodge Installation
September 20th Puritan Lodge Regular Meeting
September 23rd Wampatuck Blood Drive - at East Bridgewater

17th Masonic District - October 2017
October 2nd Fellowship Regular Meeting
October 3rd Paul Revere Regular Meeting & Official Visit
October 4th Saint George Reg Meeting, Official & Installation
October 6th Wampatuck Regular Meeting & Installation
October 11th Baalis Sanford Regular Meeting
October 14th Wampatuck, Blood Drive at Abington K of C Hall
October 18th Puritan Regular Meeting & Official Visit
October 30th Fellowship Regular Meeting & Official Visit

17th Masonic District - November 2017
November 1st Saint George Regular Meeting
November 3rd Wampatuck Regular Meeting & Official Visit
November 7th Paul Revere Regular Meeting
November 8th Baalis Sanford Regular Meeting & Official Visit